February 23, 2019

Let’s celebrate the great sport of curling across our country by showcasing the game, the incredible people and our curling rinks that are key parts of the community.

  • Let’s also raise awareness, tell our story about being inclusive – anyone can play regardless of age or ability!
  • Let’s tell the story of the interesting things that happen every day in all rinks across Canada!
  • Let’s also have some fun with one big game of curling including scores from every rink in Canada!






We want to hear the interesting stories about curling rinks and the people who curl!

Curling Club Entries
For curling rink ‘entries’, submit photos of your front entrance with the rink’s name, photos of your warm area (lounge) and the ice area (preferably with people in the images). Then submit interesting in-house stories; for example: multiple generations of the same family curling; unique programming (such as glow in the dark); or any other neat things at your club. That might include outdoor curling, special curling days, funky warm areas, great volunteers, good eats, or any other innovation!

Send in your photos/videos by February 8, 2019, and your curling rink will be entered in a draw to host the legendary and iconic Brier Tankard Trophy on February 23 for the day. Additionally, the trophy will be accompanied by three-time Brier champions Nolan Thiessen and Jeff Stoughton!

  • Note 1: while Curling Day is on February 23, that doesn’t mean you have to share anything with us from that specific day. It can be any day from your past!
  • Note 2: please name the files you submit as follows: For example, the Anytown CC sends in photos of their outdoor curling party. Name the file anytowncc-outdoor-curling.

Individual Curler Entries
This is for all Canadian curlers! Whether you’ve played all your life or you’ve played just once, if you have something neat or cool to share, we want to see it. Submit the images (photos or video) of you and/or your friends relating to curling. It can be outdoor curling on a river / lake / backyard; or, it could be a bonspiel theme you’ve participated in. Or other cool things? Use your imagination!

Each submission will earn the person sharing their story with us one (1) ballot to win an all-expenses-paid closing weekend trip for four people to the 2020 Tim Hortons Brier in Kingston, ON! (The prize will include transportation, two hotel rooms for four nights, and tickets for all games on the final four days.)

  • Note 1: there will also be five prizes of $500 drawn randomly from all individual curler entries!
You can upload PDFs, WordDocs, PPT, photos or simply send us your YouTube link. The file size upload limit for each file is 2 MB..


Curling Canada has created a number of prizing options for the 2019 Curling Day in Canada as a thank you for sharing your great stories with us.

$10,000 curling rink renovation grant!

The Canada-wide curling game will require each participating club to email us, after each draw, the scores from their games. We are also asking each club to collect $1 per player per game (but you don’t pay twice) with 100% of the monies donated to the Curling Canada Foundation for scholarships for student-athletes. For every dollar donated, the club will receive one (1) ballot for the grand prize. Donate $112 dollars, receive 112 ballots! Be the lucky winner and you will receive a cheque for $10,000 to help renovate any part of your operation!

Individual curlers

Anyone who plays the game regularly, or once a year, or once in their lifetime, is welcome to submit their unique curling story! The best story received will earn that person and three guests an all-expense paid trip to the 2020 Tim Hortons Brier in Kingston, Ontario. The prize will include transportation, two hotel rooms for four nights, four tickets to all games for the final four days and Brier clothing! Additionally, we will make random draws for five prizes of $500 cash.

Curling clubs

All clubs will receive one ballot for each story with photo or video they submit (by February 8, 2019). On February 9, we will make the draw and the winning club will receive a visit by the Brier Tankard Trophy. The trophy will be accompanied by three-time Brier champions Jeff Stoughton and Nolan Thiessen!