For the entire day (February 23), we will collect the final score of as many games as possible played across the country.

Simply put, this big game will be the total scores for the teams on the top of the club’s scoreboard (regardless of colour) versus the teams on the bottom of the scoreboard (regardless of colour). It will be a Canada-wide game!

Clubs, leagues and spiels will be asked to send in their scores for every game played at their rink that day. For example, let’s say six games are played that day at Anytown CC and the scores of the games are: 8-2 / 6-3 / 1-7 / 6-5 / 4-11 / 7-6. The score sent to Curling Canada for the day would be 32-34.

We will also ask each player on each sheet of ice to consider donating a loonie to the Curling Canada Foundation (the donation is optional). Every penny will be invested in scholarships for youth curlers. Using the example above, $48 would be sent to the Foundation. The money can be sent to us via PayPal, e-transfer, cheque or credit card.

Clubs do not have to create an event if they don’t want to. Use the games already scheduled for that day as your source of scores!

Every dollar submitted will earn the club one (1) ballot to win $10,000 in cash as a renovation grant!

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