Moving to a new town a little easier.

From: Matt Christian
Club name: Silverfox – Summerside, PE

This is the story of how curling helped make moving to a new town a little easier.In the summer of 2017 our family decided to make a pretty big change; we would be moving from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Summerside, PEI.  As with any relocation, there were pros and cons that came with our decision.  One of our biggest reservations was how the move would affect our two children, Liam and Camille. Camille was only four-years old at the time, so we knew that she would likely take it all in stride.

But, Liam was seven.  He would be leaving his grade-one friends and starting grade-two at a new school in a new province.  Even though Liam is a pretty easy-going boy, we wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to make the transition easier for him.This is where curling comes in. Liam has always been a thinker.  He loves puzzles and games of strategy. Liam loves sitting down with us to watch curling. He loves understanding the approach and the angles.  And when he got the chance to see the St. John’s Brier in person, Liam couldn’t take his eyes off the ice. That summer we made the move to Summerside.  One of the things we love about our new city is how family-oriented it is.

When we sat down to talk about what activities the kids might like to try, curling was at the top of the list for Liam.Just a month into the new school year, we registered Liam for Little Rockers at the Silver Fox Curling Club.  The program was everything we could have hoped for.  Shelley was a superstar junior coach, always positive, always available and very knowledgeable.  She made Liam feel welcome and a part of the team immediately.  As I think back, she was really making Liam feel welcome on a much bigger scale. It was about that time when Liam started feeling like Summerside was home.Liam’s first year of curling was awesome.  He learned a lot and loved heading to the Silver Fox on Monday evenings.  During the summer, when people would ask if he played hockey, Liam would proudly say “no, I’m a curler.”Liam is now in his second year of Little Rockers.

This year, Shelley has passed the baton to Miranda and Jami; both are absolutely amazing. Liam is now looking forward to the next funspiel; he is playing with curlers a few years older than him. Two years ago, he would have been too shy to even think of playing a sport with the older kids.  But that was before curling. Curling has already given Liam so much.  On top of learning life skills like sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance, curling has allowed Liam to make new friends, gain confidence and genuinely feel like he is part of his new community.  Curling Rocks