Curling helped formulate an incredible bond with my daughter

My story is about how curling helped formulate an incredible bond with my daughter. There comes a point in every father’s life that his daughter is no longer a little girl. She all to quickly becomes a young woman. It’s tough but inevitable to accept the fact you are no longer the center of her world.

But with curling I have had the incredible opportunity to be her coach. And the coach of the amazing Team Locke. Cailey Locke, Katie Peddigrew, Sitaye Penney, and Kate Young. The youngest provincial champions in NL curling history! And the memories – wow – meeting Team Jennifer Jones, Team Rachel Homan, Team Jamie Sinclair and even being gifted jerseys from Team Anna Hasselborg! Memories that will last a lifetime.

At a point in many Father’s life that their daughter asks for money and a ride to the mall … I hear the most amazing request from my daughter almost every day. “Dad – can we go curling?”