Knobby Clark warmly remembered at bonspiel he founded decades ago to bring family and friends together over the holidays

Tim Brody – Editor
Glenn “Knobby” Clark who passed away on Dec. 1, was warmly remembered on Dec. 28 at the curling bonspiel named in his honour.vA holiday tradition in Sioux Lookout dating back at least 30 years, this year’s edition of the newly renamed Knobby’s Memorial Family Bonspiel (formerly Knobby’s Home for the Holidays Family Spiel), drew 12 teams to the Sioux Lookout Golf and Curling Club.vThe event was sponsored by Knobby’s Fly-In Camps.

Knowles McGill and his family have been taking part in the bonspiel from its inception. McGill said he has always enjoyed the family aspect of the bonspiel.

“I think it’s the theme of it, Home for the Holidays. Knobby started it up a long time ago and thought it would be great. Everybody’s home for the holidays, let’s all get together and have a curling bonspiel. I like the idea of that, so when our kids came home, we brought them in and did it and now that our grandkids are coming along, we’re trying to keep the whole spirit of it going. I think for me, the most important thing is that I’m still curling at a senior age. I really enjoy it. It’s fun to be out there.”

McGill played alongside his wife Jane, daughter Dale McGill, son-in-law Clint Lorteau, and granddaughters Avery and Chaley Thompson.

“I’m really glad it was a huge success this year… he’d be smiling down on it for sure,” McGill added.

Wayne Mercer, who regularly curls in the event with his wife Jovi and their friends Dean and Angela Edmond, said he too enjoys the emphasis the event places on family and friends.

“It’s a family event. It’s something to do over the holidays. People come back to the community for the holidays, get out and do something, socialize together, it’s a good excuse to get out,” he said, adding, “I think that was his (Clark’s) vision and it’s great that legacy and tradition continues on.”

Monique Mousseau and her team won this year’s bonspiel with 11 skins.

“It was great. It’s always great” she said. “That’s what Christmastime is about, spending time with family and friends, and it’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of this facility that we have. We’re fortunate that we still have a curling club, and to be around family and friends, be active, and just have a nice relaxing fun day. We played board games in between our games, so it was just a really relaxing enjoyable day. The club did a great job,” she added.

Mousseau was Skip of her team, Tristan Bouchard was Third, Amanda Bergman was Second and Haylee Bouchard played Lead.
Terry Brezinski, Clark’s granddaughter, took part in the event this year commenting, “It’s great. I’m so happy they kept it up. I’m sure he is too… He was such a family guy and loved Christmas, so he wanted to have people come out and do the family spiel so they could be together.”

JoAnne Van Horne, who coordinated the event along with her mixed league curling team, commented of this year’s bonspiel, “It’s great. What I saw today was a lot of people that aren’t in regular league curling. I saw a lot of new people that were just home for the holidays, and that’s the idea. Next year my goal is to get 16 teams.”

Long-time Sioux Lookout curler Muriel Anderson recalled, “The first Knobby Spiel that we (she and her husband Neil) were in was as a result of Knobby leaving a message on our answering machine, saying “the spiel is happening, why don’t you come and curl in it?” We had been away to my dad’s for Christmas in Manitoba… I think he would be pleased we are going to keep it going.”
“I think he would be delighted it has carried on,” Van Horne agreed.