Weather can’t stop curling!

It was Foxy Ladies Curling Bonspiel time in Summerside PE and the weather was not cooperating. But have no fear! An off-Island team ignored a major road closure and traveled via the secondary roads to arrive in time for their Friday game.

And look who else drove in from NB, a fearless team that white knuckled their way through road whiteouts. The phone continued to ring constantly as teams asked to be rescheduled due to weather conditions. The draw masters laboured on but the games began. In the end only four teams had to withdraw.

The food and company was superb, the music was lively and the curling was competitive. Part of the fun was the costumes that were on in full display Friday and Saturday night.

Curlers are not faint of heart and will drive through nasty winter weather for the game and the company. Curling is a great social sport and of course there is the exercise and skill building.

I mean why would you stay home looking out the window as the snow blows around when there is curling to get to.