Biggest regret was waiting so long to curl!

I’ve been told to never have regrets, but in my lifetime there have been a few. The biggest regret being that I had waited so long to learn to curl (30+ years old at the time).

I became part of a local club and within the first year was thrust into the wild world of managing a club while still trying to perfect my “hacker style” curling prowess. The first few years were hectic, trying and sometimes painful, but at the end of a 12 year stint of management I was done and realized how much of your heart and soul becomes dedicated to the sport of curling.

What can I take from the experience?

Curling brings many different cultures, ideals, and ages together for the common goal of curling. There is still a sense of tradition, etiquette and mentorship within the game that carries over into new and established players, with the hope that future generations will continue sharing.

Finally, curling brings a dynamic, diverse collective of people together for the sole enjoyment of a down to earth sport called curling, whether it be for the love of the game, the social aspect, or the camaraderie among family and friends.

Thank you curling for all you stand for and mean to those who have granite pumping through their veins.