Live Long, Curl Longer and Prosper!

Hi There! I am the mother of 2 young men and when they were in school I gladly dedicated my life to coaching, managing and driving their sports teams to events. I loved every minute of it and am so thankful they had the opportunity to participate in sports and learn what it means to be on a team.

After they graduated from high school there was a giant void in my life! No practices, no games and no tournaments for me to be involved with! Then I discovered the wonderful world of televised curling! I absolutely love watching our Canadian curling stars on TV and try to attend the major events when they are near. But my husband did not think that was enough and he was right.

He curls in the Men’s League in Vulcan and tried for years to get me involved in actual on the ice curling and not just participating in curling from my easy chair. A couple of years ago I agreed to try curling again, after many decades of not curling, and even though my knees complain and I love it.

We teamed up with a young couple new to our community (our Mixed Team is shown in my submitted picture at the Vulcan Curling Club) and have even won a game. The curling is fun but I now have a social life! The after game refreshments and visiting are a wonderful addition to my life. I was a severe homebody and curling is helping me to be more social and get to know my fellow community members better. It has helped my physical and even more importantly, my mental health.

Thank you curling! Live Long, Curl Longer and Prosper! Joanne Vulcan, Alberta