javex jug curling

Every year for the past 6 years (this year being year 7 which is being held on February 22nd), my wife and I host our annual javex jug curling spiel on the rink that I have made in our yard.

We have an average of 48 participants which makes for a 24 team spiel with 2 people per team. The game itself is played like shuffleboard. We play 8 ends or the first team to reach 16 points. The points are the same as shuffleboard.

We have a pile of fun no matter the weather. Winners and runners up in each event also receive a trophy and a prize with the first event winners receiving a large trophy with their names on it. The ice surface is 30 feet wide and 8 feet long which allows us to play two games at a time.

I must say in the six years there has only been one repeat winner. Thanks for letting me share our story. ( I tried to include some photos but couldn’t get it to work)