The home of Al Hackner

I moved to Thunder Bay in 1980 not knowing anyone but one sister and her family. I came from a very small town in Northern Ontario that housed about 400 people.

I had watched curling on television most of my life and thought that the home of Al Hackner would be a sport take up and meet new people.

The first year I put my name on a spare list as this particular league had no openings. It ended out that I curled just about every week that winter and the next year luckily an opening came open. It didn’t take long that I understood the rules and as time went on my skills improved.

Through this choice I got to meet the greatest people who became my personal friends for 20 years. We loved the game so much that we also joined the Kakebeka Falls Curling Club as well as a club in Thunder Bay.

The more we curled the more people we met and all of a sudden we saw ourselves going out of town for bonspiels in many out of town clubs as well as some in the USA.

If it had not been for curling I am not sure how long it would have taken us to meet people and would never have found the love of a great Canadian winter sport.