Bye-bye hockey!

In 2017, I decided to try curling after going on field trips the year before with my school to Bally Haly Golf and Curling Club.

I was also playing all-star hockey again that year too. I started hockey at age four following in my older brothers footsteps (Noah is currently playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league with the Drummondville Voltigeurs). Even though I always liked hockey, I started to develop the same love and passion for curling as my brother did for hockey.

On April 18, 2017, I played my last game of hockey in the provincial tournament. I was hanging up my skates and the following season just wanted to concentrate on curling. The next day on April 19, 2017, I was invited as a junior curler to help out at the Team Gushue celebration at Bally Haly. They had just won the 2017 Brier on home ice at Mile One in St. John’s the month before.

That night my Mom and I met CBC Curling reporter Devin Heroux who was at the celebration also. My Mom follows him on twitter as he is a great promoter of curling. We had a big chat with him and I told him I gave up hockey the day before for curling. He told me that Brad Gushue did the same.

Later that night Devin Heroux gave a speech at the celebration gala and he told the audience how he met a junior curler who did the same as Brad. Traded in hockey for curling. That was me. I found this out the next day in a tweet to my Mom.

He also told the crowd maybe this is the next Gushue for the province in years to come. I am only 15 years old and still curling with hopes of maybe someday accomplishing some of the things Team Gushue has. Starting with the U16 and U18 provincials coming up soon.

The sport of curling is a great sport. It’s something I believe I will be doing forever. I am also very lucky to have Mark Nichols as a neighbor and was very lucky to interview him for a school project (Wax Museum) just before the 2017 Brier.

He gave me one of his curling jerseys and I got a picture with him after one of the games that year at Mile One. As junior curlers in St. John’s we are pretty lucky to have these great role models and guys who have had a great impact on Canadian curling and sport in general. We can learn so much from them both on and off the ice!!