Curling is 100% a part of our journey as a couple

When I met my husband we had discovered that we both loved curling. We ended up curling together in a mixed league shortly after meeting and have been curling together since.

When we got married, we took our wedding photos at the Granite Curling club in Winnipeg. The Granite was the first club in the city and is known as the ‘mother club’. Another interesting fact is my husband’s grandfather used to be the head chef there. When we announced the upcoming birth of our first child we did so with little baby curling shoes from Asham’s.

Both my husband and I have grown up in curling clubs. We both have such wonderful memories running around the club, watching our parents curl.

Curling is 100% a part of our journey as a couple. It was the first thing that brought us together; it strengthened our bond when we were dating, and was celebrated when we were married and having kids. We both love the sport and will keep the tradition going to the next generation.