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Individual Story Once in a lifetime opportunity

Back in 2018, I lived in South Korea. During this time, the Winter Olympics were being held in Gangneung. I joined the lottery system and was able to purchase several curling game tickets! At the event, there was the Canada House where everyone can go enjoy Canadian themed food, watch games, and buy Canadian themed …

November 24, 2020
Individual Story Teaching Mongolian teachers how to curl

A few years ago, a group of Mongolian teachers were on an exchange in Canada to learn how we taught students with learning difficulties. They were going to visit Montreal, and our teacher organization was asked to host them. When we asked what they would like to do after school visits to several schools with …

November 24, 2020
Individual Story Backyard bonspiel

My father-in-law installs a backyard curling and skating rink without fail every winter! He carefully levels the ground and applies flood after flood until he has created a beautiful rink. You learn to appreciate winter in Saskatchewan just a little more once you’ve thrown a rock on his ice! It’s complete with a full set …

November 23, 2020
Individual Story Getting out of trouble

I was playing third in a fun bonspiel with a skip I hadn’t met before. At the time I was also the head coach for our curling club. Late in the game my skip had to draw to the button. I yelled at the sweepers to “sweep” and we ended up sweeping the rock too …

November 23, 2020
Individual Story 2013 Tim Hortons Brier in Edmonton

Mom got us tickets for the Tim Hortons Brier. It was such a great line up – Howard, Martin, Gushue and Stoughon. We enjoyed the week. I got to meet my hero Brad Gushue. I’ve loved curling since seeing him curler in 2006 in Turin!

November 23, 2020
Individual Story Uttara Deshpande – a true Canadian!

True Canadian I have been watching curling on TV for the last 10 years ever since my husband took up the sport after his retirement. I remember his first day when he came home with a bruise on his forehead. This was not a great sign. My children were constantly encouraging me to join him …

November 6, 2020
Curling Centre Story We love to curl at Lancaster Curling Club

I was introduced to the sport of curling as a spectator at the Ottawa Brier in 2001 and was just so entertained by the interaction between fans and players. I remember thinking what other sport would you find this crazy closeness. It was just the neatest thing. I’ve only taken up the sport six years …

November 6, 2020
Individual Story Our outdoor family rink

We are a curling family. My wife and I play mixed twos together at our local club and we both play in different leagues throughout the winter as well. Our son Bennett, 5, has loved curling since he first saw it on TV. And this year, Bennett has started to curl in a junior league …

November 6, 2020