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Individual Story The team end

It was my second-year curling and Winnie and I were fortunate to play with a much more experienced couple, Carol and Gregor Grant, in our weekend mixed league at the Leaside Curling Club. We all have those days where the rocks just don’t seem to do what we want, and we (mostly I) were having …

February 2, 2021
Individual Story “En natt att minnas!”

At the 2017 World Men’s Curling Championship we headed off to the Patch to meet a friend for a beverage. We were intrigued by the curling rock shuffle board and waited our turn to give it a go. The 3 of us sauntered up to the table when we heard a “do you mind if …

February 2, 2021
Individual Story The Page System – born in Quebec

Introduction ‘’For the Love of Curling’’:        While this story might not be as entertaining or inspirational as others that I could share …hic, it does have an important and lasting historical aspect to the competitive side of our great sport, not only provincially, but also nationally and even world-wide… This story is only known …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Volunteer at Toronto Hope – 2019

It was my honour to assist the organizers of the Toronto Hope, Christine, Heather and Shawnessy at their first Toronto Hope event at East York in 2019. Although I am an avid recreational curler (senior) I chose to help with the operational events on the special day!!! I was the lady running around picking up …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story The wrong Mike

I wasn’t familiar with the sport of curling until I met, and eventually married my husband. He was an avid curler in the Schoolboy Challenge back then. After we were married and moved to a town with a very active curling rink, he introduced me to family fun spiels and I was hooked. I didn’t …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story A CLEAN SWEEP

We are two sisters, Sharon Tkachuk (nee Wozny) and Marion Blake (nee Wozny). Our curling story started with our dad, a curling rink, and a small town of 200 people along Highway 55 in Northern Saskatchewan. Our father, Walter Wozny, was a farmer near a Hamlet called Janow Corners who decided to move his family …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Curling with the BEST

Hi there! I’m a huge curling fan especially of Team Gushue. I volunteered at the 2017 Tim Hortons Brier in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador (at the Patch 😊). Watching our team win their very first Tim Hortons Brier at home was an experience I’ll never forget. Soon after the Brier in March 2017 I …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Oh my galosh[es]!!!

Around 2010 or so, I was organizing a bonspiel at the Metcalfe Curling Club in Metcalfe ON, an all-day event on a Saturday. One of our members received a call from then Ottawa city councillor Doug Thompson asking if we could accommodate and host people with Down’s Syndrome for a brief period. Our schedule was …

February 1, 2021