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Individual Story Top Twelve First attempt at curling!

I thought I would relate the story of the first time I tried curling. I was living in Goose Bay, NL at the time, and it happened entirely by chance. When I realized the year was 1996, I decided to set my story to the tune of the Stan Rogers song, “Barrett’s Privateers.” I hope …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Having hope in 2020

There’s no better example of curling-as-community than Toronto Hope, a one-day charity bonspiel that raises money for local charities. The inaugural event in 2019 was a fun-filled day of curling and entertainment, raising over $41,000 for the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital. Excited and humbled, we started to think about 2020. When the pandemic …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Ode to our life in curling

My Friday night team was one player short We needed a guy who would be a good sport, To curl with us every Friday at night And wouldn’t mind if we threw a bit light. So my skip went to work searching the club, Checking the spare list for someone to sub. He finally found …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story One of our favourite curling connections

In 1962 a team of young curlers from Dilke, SK, skipped by Kent Holland were thrilled to make it to the South Playdowns. There they were thrilled again to have the chance to play against the famous Richardsons!! Later, Kent would say that he gave them one of their many wins that year. The next …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Besties

I attended the Tim Hortons Brier in Brandon with my best friend Sandy to celebrate our birthdays. Highlights other than watching the fabulous curling, taking selfies with Kirk Muyres ’ team, Kevin Martin & Sandy, winning the 50/50 draw one evening, meeting & talking with Cheryl Bernard at hotel and free Tim Hortons coffee at …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story 1 week after Kingston Tim Hortons Brier

Little would we realize that this would be the last activity at Royal Montreal Curling Club…1 week after attending the Kingston Brier we hosted 200 people with John Epping. We had a memorable time with everyone on ice and off. John was fantastic! It was a thrill for everyone to play, and be together celebrating …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story 100 ft tempo backyard rink

For 17 yrs the Sage family have been building a sheet of ice to curl on in the backyard. Last year we built a covered version and have continued to improve on the more sheltered and controlled space, with fire-pot on the far end. Normally we would share our efforts with others and have a …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story The omen

For the last 20 years I have participated in a unique fundraising curling bonspiel held every February in Winnipeg. It is the Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel and the monies raised are donated to the Manitoba Heart & Stroke Foundation. It is a bonspiel born from tragedy when a group of friends gathered after one of …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Thank you curling gods!

Along with the rest of the world, curling has been put on pause this past year. My story takes place just two weeks before the whole world came to a halt, but it really started in 2006. I started curling at 6 years old. I was too young to join the program at my home …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story The year 2004 – curling memory moments

The Year 2004 – We were curling at our local curling club in the Steinbach Mixed Bonspiel. The weekend was filled with the smell of good tasting food, burgers, hot soup, coffee, donuts, Caesars, beer and popcorn. With a full draw, curling started at 8 am in the morning until 10 pm at night both …

February 1, 2021