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Individual Story My first Tim Hortons Brier

My family had driven from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops for the Tim Hortons Brier. It was the first time the Tim Hortons Brier had been so close and with family and friends in Kamloops, my dad and I knew we had to go. We drove up to the stadium and crossed our fingers we’d …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Top Twelve Curling in the Winter of Covid

So, I go down to the river It’s lonely shores to haunt, Take along my broom and bag And curl anytime I want. Here at the natural ice sheet, Not having much success Does this ice break right or left? Tis anybody’s guess. I’ve got some of the equipment Something else is not as it …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story A dream come true

I grew up watching all the curling events that would be shown on TV, as my family all curled but me. Then, around 18 years of age I got bit by the curling bug and have loved the game ever since. For many years, I had said that I would love to go to a …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Back in the day…

Back in the day, my husband and I used to run the under 13 junior curling program for our club in Prince Edward Island. My husband was so good with the kids on the ice, and I did the organizing and used to help the curling Moms and Dads cope with being on the other …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story From a house to a home

It started with a love of curling in the 70’s Sunday evening at the Thistle Curling Club Friendly competition, laughter and fun Where curlers felt like family And the Thistle felt like home. It started with a love of curling Meeting my future husband at the Thistle Then curling rings became wedding rings With curling …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Curling more than a game

Sweep! Sweep! Hard! Harder! These familiar words echo throughout the curling rink with all levels of intensity. I must admit that I am one of those skips that shout rather loud instructions to his teammates. My loud voice, a result of a number of years spent straining to hear my mild mannered skips instructions over …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story New Years Day curling out on Lake St Louis

Check out our video at: The joys of seeing the way to making the perfect shot ! Past President of the club celebrating the 125th Anniversary reenactment out front of the New China (Lachine) spot where they played outside originally.

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Curling

Lost the 1987 Canadian junior championship in Prince Albert then flew to Nova Scotia for Canada Winter Games then came home and off to Switzerland to curl for two weeks

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Curling should be Canada’s National Sport

Our church sponsored many Rwandan families to immigrate to Canada. We use to rent the curling rink once a year for the church family to come and try curling. So to prepare some of the teenagers for the event we brought them to the Friday night open curling. The Rwandan families were actively pursuing learning …

February 1, 2021
Individual Story Our own little “Roar of the Rings”

In November of 2017, preparations were being made for the upcoming ‘Roar of the Rings’ Olympic Trials here in Ottawa–including the installation of ice at the Canadian Tire Centre. At this time, I was skipping a women’s team playing out of the Rideau Curling Club. In addition to curling at the Granite club, I had …

February 1, 2021