the Canadian Universities Rifle League (CURL)

While attending the University of Manitoba in 1957 I was a member of the four person rifle team that won the Canadian Universities Rifle League championship and for our accomplishment we were each given a crest.

At the time I was not that much into curling other than a league I played in once a week. Years later when I became more serious about the sport and began competing at a fairly competitive level I went digging through my drawer of old collectables and noticed that the letters on the crest spelled out the word CURL. Have a look at the copy of the crest attached. The items across the Canadian map are rifles not curling brooms. Quite a coincidence.


Surprise trip to Moose Jaw!

My husband surprised me with a trip to Moose Jaw for the championship games for the Scotties! We flew in from Toronto to support Team Homan. What a great weekend.  We were asked to participate in a challenge after the 5th draw to the button.



Sherry Felbel

This is my team dressed for the Hope Classic at the Thunder Bay Hope Classic held at the beginning of February.

This event is to raise money for Breast Cancer treatment at the Thunder Bay Regional Hospital.

It is a fun event!!

Our team consists of Jeannie Costanzo, Michele Lechcoon, Pat Mintenko and myself Sherry Felbel.


Having fun in Hannah!

I was introduced to curling in Mica Creek, BC.

My first bonspiel was a student/family event at a young age. Needed both feet in the hack to get the rock in the house. Ended up playing the “Wallace” family in the B final and I have never looked back. As it turned out I ended up by meeting my future husband during this game.

We moved many times for jobs and the curling club was always home. A new town, curling club and wonderful people to meet and play this game.

We have met many people that have remained friends and resulted in meeting to bonspiel. These meetings have taken us to BC, AB and the USA over the years.

We have volunteered too many hours to track and have held executive positions around the country. Curling has resulted in many travels, great friends and opportunities. We are currently members of the Hanna Curling Club in AB and looking forward to the ladies and mixed bonspiels.




60 kids age 7-18 playing every Saturday morning

I run the Junior curling program at the Acadia Rec Centre (The ARC) in Calgary.

This year we have 60 kids age 7-18 playing every Saturday morning. We are currently doing our annual skills testing based on the Calgary Youth Curling Association (CYCA) badge program.

We have a great program with some of our kids competing in local leagues and the AJCT.

Today we were fortunate to be on the ice for Curling Day in Canada!





My curling experience spans many years at different times in my life.

My curling experience spans many years at different times in my life.

As a youngster I was always excited when my Dad would take me to the rink and let me throw a few rocks. I used to listen to Mom and Dad talking about the “house” and “Snakepit” and my imagination worked overtime over the terrifying snakepit. Salt and Pepper shakers re-played many wonderful shots at the dining room table.

My high school mixed curling team was fortunate enough to win a bonspiel and was one of the highlights of my high school years. Many years passed before I came back to this great game when I curled with the business girls and then afternoon ladies.

My Mom and Dad were great curlers but it came to the point that Mom couldn’t do the bonspiels anymore and I was so proud and excited when Dad asked me to curl with him. I was so nervous and always afraid of letting him down but he never showed disappointment when I missed and that happened frequently and always was quick with a compliment when I made a shot.

We won many bonspiels thanks to Dad making that all important last shot. My two children spent a lot of weekends at the rink drinking Shirley Temples and eating all kinds of snacks. Mom was always happy to babysit them at the rink while Dad and I played.

At one point, my Dad, my brother-in-law, my sister and a cousin played in a mixed and we had such a good time. Curling brought our family so many wonderful memories and the prizes weren’t too bad either. These days, I am glued to the TV or computer watching the “greats” of the game and the wonderful shots they make. I share the winner’s joy and the loser’s pain with every game.

My daughter and I have attended many slams in person and met so many of the teams who have always been so gracious in sharing their time with fans and giving the inevitable autographs. Who needs a winter trip to the tropics when you can spend time with curlers and meet new friends and greet old friends.

The attached picture is at the Briar in Ottawa 2016. My daughter was cheering for Gushue while I was Jacobs all the way.