For the love of curling

My name is Kerry Kestner, I am a member of Hanover Curling Club in Ontario.

I love playing, watching, and being involved with curling since I was 12.

I brought my husband into the world of curling, and he is just as much involved as I am now. We both play in club leagues, help with youth curling, and try to participate in as many bonspiels as we can. This year we joined our club’s executive, in the hopes of promoting our wonderful sport at a local level across our area.



Hey, wanna try curling with me? The Kramer League

Hey, wanna try curling with me? Back in the mid 90’s, a young Richard asked that question to a few of the regulars at the local pub where we all hung out. Sure, sounds like fun….and so he rented some ice and we all tried it.

How to slide?

What’s the rules?

Who’s counting?

We had no clue, but what we did know was that this was fun! And clearly we felt like the Brier and Scotties were in our reach. So Richard started a Sunday league, 32 pub regulars and friends, and because he looked like Kramer from Seinfeld, we called it the Kramer league.

A few years later, and for sure a bit better at curling, we entered a Kramer mixed team into the club championship playdowns. Richard skipped and we played our hearts out. And against all Vegas type odds, we won the club championship!!! One of the best days of my life.

Fast forward to now, we are still a fun beer league. The Kramer league seeks out and welcomes new curlers and considers itself a teaching league, so others can learn to love the sport as much as we do. Richard as founder, sparked a grassroots curling community that supports each other on and off the ice…friends for life.

Richard moved back home last year, and we miss him, but his legacy lives on every Sunday afternoon at the curling rink.


Family time in our home is watching curling together.

My husband and I met at curling back in 2007. My husband was my instructor. During my first year curling we started dating. Within a couple years we were married with 2 children. Family time in our home is watching curling together. Now that our children are old enough they are both in their first year of little rockers curling. We love to curl and watch curling on TV.


Our Family loves to curl!

It has been a favourite sport for both my husband and I ever since we were both 12 years old. When we found out that kids can begin at an even younger age, we were thrilled to have our kids give it a go.

Fraser began in grade 3 at the age of 8, Marlon began two years later also in grade 3 at the age of 7,Ferris started two years after that in grade 2 at the age of 7, and Milena also started curling in grade 2 at the age of 7. Our oldest son Fraser is now in Grade 11 and our youngest Milena is in Grade 4.

Fraser and Marlon are in the Bantam program at our club on and Ferris and Milena or in the Little Rocks program. I always thought it would be awesome if they could all somehow play in a spiel together. Now every Friday they play together in a regular youth league and it is great to see them playing together and having fun! They look forward to playing together again next season.

Curling is a great sport for bring together family and friends of all ages!



The sport of curling would change my life

Over 35 years ago I met my husband and had no idea how he and the sport of curling would change my life.

The first year we dated, I sat behind the glass watching him curl something I know absolutely nothing about. I decided rather quickly that if I wanted our relationship to work I had better take up the sport. I have been curling ever since.

My husband and I have competed at our club and many bonspiels over our years together. We have always loved the sport, however, our children have not always shared our love of the game. We have three children, Brandon, Tyler and Abbey.

Growing up they all swore that they would never curl. However, both Brandon and Tyler began to play the game during high school. We were shocked!

Since then they have both become quite accomplished at the sport and have grown quite passionate about the game. One of our proudest moments as parents was watching them win gold together in 2017 at the Canadian Collegiate Curling Championships in Camrose, Alberta for Fanshawe College.

Additionally, Tyler competed in his first Ontario Tankard Championship this season. Not bad for a couple of kids that wanted nothing to do with the sport. We keep hoping that our daughter will play someday! LOL


“swept away” by love

I was “swept away” by love when I was 16 years old at the Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club in Summerside PEI.

Edward was 18 and came over from New Brunswick to play in a cashspiel going on at the club. He approached me as I was warming up for the game and he challenged me to a push up competition. It was so silly.

We laughed and played our separate games. The following day he would be returning to Fredericton, he asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him before he went back, I said yes. (He drove a cool, tuned out lancer car with yellow rims at the time)

As we were leaving the curling club I kept thinking, I can’t let my dad see me get dropped off in this car (haha). Three weeks later Ed returned to tour Holland College and we met up again, he was planning on staying at a friends house he knew on the island, but there was a really bad snow storm. Everything was closed, and he ended up getting ‘storm-stayed’ at my parents’ house! Great way for us all to meet!

Now seven years later, Edward and I got married in August 2019! We play mixed doubles curling together at the Silver Fox curling club where we met, and just won the provincial mixed doubles championship at that same club! We are very thankful to have met through curling and to continue to enjoy the passion together!