Krista McCarville – our role model

The Bron family enjoyed Curling Day in Canada here at the Kakabeka Curling Club in Thunder Bay Ontario.

Isabella (10) who is a member of the Thunder Bay Youth Curling club had some lessons on sweeping and then skipped her way to a draw. We are also looking forward to watching Krista McCarville and the rest of team Northern Ontario in the Scotties today.

Krista is a great role model for the young girls of curling in Thunder Bay.


Curling is the best!

My story is about my daughter. Her name is Stephanie and she started watching curling at a very early age…..her dad and I were big curling fans even though we had never curled.

Growing up in small communities on the coast of Labrador, there was never an opportunity to curl but we loved the sport.

Before Stephanie was 2 years old she knew the names of the curlers and would sit and watch with us. It wasn’t until she graduated from high school (2013) and went to university that she actually started to curl. First in Corner Brook at the local curling club where she played a few times and was hooked.

The next year she played on a local team and was recognized as the most improved player.

The following year she moved to St. John’s and was fortunate enough to become a member of the Memorial Sea-hawks curling team. Over her 4 years of earning a Recreation and an Education degree, she competed at both the Atlantic’s and Nationals.

Her dad and I traveled to Atlantic University championships in Truro and then to St. John’s to watch her play and we were happy, excited and extremely proud to see how far she had come in her few years of playing.

Unlike most other players who had started curling at a very early age, she hadn’t stepped into a curling rink until she was 18 years old. She had learned so much about the game and now she was actually playing. It was an extremely proud moment for all of us. Aside from curling with Memorial, she also volunteered at two major events and got to meet some pretty great curlers including her idol, Jennifer Jones.

It’s hard to put into words what the sport of curling has meant to our family. I guess in a sense our daughter fulfilled our dream as well. The dream to one day curl and be able to experience the great sport of curling. It truly is the best sport ever and we are so proud that she has had that opportunity.

Today she is back in Labrador pursuing her career as a teacher but her memories of curling will forever be etched in her mind. This week we are enjoying the Scotties together. I know she will curl again when the opportunity arises but for now we will continue to enjoy the game on the tv screen and listen to her dad as he commentates on just about every single call and shot(lol)! He totally could have been a coach! Curling is the best!



Grandchildren curling in Medicine Hat!

My wife and I have curled for many years but this year we entered two teams at the “Medicine Hat Curling Club’s” Yuletide bonspiel with our 4 grandchildren as they were home from college for a week this Christmas.

They have never curled before but learned quickly and really enjoyed it. We plan to enter again next year.




Community welcome!

It was the annual Ladies’ Bonspiel at Aberdeen, Saskatchewan in 1985.

We entered a team as new teachers in the community. We didn’t know what to expect but were greeted with a day filled with fun costumes, laughter, and some serious curling.

Some games were played throwing with your opposite hand, throwing your rocks backwards between your legs, and furthest from the button.

Our team was the first team out, so we made our way to the Town Hall for the supper and social. We ordered from the bar and found a table. Four bottles of wine were delivered to our table, with each of us having the same idea to share with each other. As the other teams poured in, they all stared at our table of new teachers drinking like fish!! So funny!