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Curling in the Winter of Covid

Dawn Kish

February 1, 2021


So, I go down to the river
It’s lonely shores to haunt,
Take along my broom and bag
And curl anytime I want.

Here at the natural ice sheet,
Not having much success
Does this ice break right or left?
Tis anybody’s guess.

I’ve got some of the equipment
Something else is not as it should seem
Got my shoes and broom and rock
But missing the rest of the team!

Where is “Beaver” when you need him
Or Heather my trusty third?
Nary even one “HURRY HARD”
To be, by anybody, heard.

It’s got 100 feet, this sheet
Quite thick and won’t give way.
Length enough for Tracey and Laura’s slide
A great big long “runway”

My rock won’t go the distance
Things are not complete
Until the team is playing hard
And we can go back out to compete.

My lonely shouts echo back to me
From snowbank, shacks and reeds
Following proper health guidance
To this, only, must I concede.

So, I’ve curled down on the Rideau,
Been playing by myself
Can’t wait ’til Covids over
And can play with EVERYONE else!!

Please accept this application,
To win tickets for the Brier
If I should win, I’d bring the team
We’d cheer and never tire.